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10 Unique Home Staging Items Home Buyers (Don’t Realize) They Love

Let’s set the scene – a potential home buyer walks into an open house and almost instantly falls in love. The “space” feels like home, they say.

That’s the dream, right? In order to make that situation a reality, you do have to pull out a few tricks. Whether that potential home buyer knew it or not, it wasn’t the space as a whole, but a collection of things that created the feeling of home. I’m here today to tell you a few key items that Staging Dallas uses to make your home a gem.

1. Plants

Real or not, plants bring liveliness to a room. Simply place them on a table (like below) or bring in larger plants to put in a drab corner.

2. Pillows

Having a few (color-coordinated) throw pillows on a bed or a couch creates a sense of coziness. It can also help tie in colors throughout the room.

3. Mirrors

I guess home staging is all smoke and mirrors, huh? Just kidding – staging mirrors aren’t for vanity but to make a room appear larger and less stuffy.

4. Rugs

Although rugs can get pricey, there’s no doubt they pull the room together in a way that you can’t get in any other way.

5. Throw Blankets

I think we can all agree a throw blanket is a good touch (especially for movie night!).

6. Trays

Trays allow a group of unrelated objects to be pulled together, they keep smaller objects from looking like clutter, and they can anchor a group.

7. Lamps

This one is huge. Lighting is super important to home staging and placing lamps in the right spots is something you might not think about when first staging a room.

8. Simple, classy décor

Don’t go overboard with the large, wooden quote pieces from TJ Maxx and stick with statement pieces that are interesting to look at but not distracting.

9. Baskets

This is another functional favorite. It functions as a storage spot and it brings that cozy feel to a room.

10. Accent Tables

This doesn’t just apply to nightstands or end tables. You can break up an awkward wall with a table or place a table on the back of a couch to add depth and dimension.

It’s worth noting that there is a fine line between clutter and decorating a home to make it more appealing. Maybe you have a space large enough that can handle all of these items, but it’s not to be forced. Need some assistance? Contact Staging Dallas today to transform your home to another’s dream home.

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