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It's Odd: Three is a Magic Number

Have you ever walked into someone's home and thought:

Wow, this person KNOWS how to decorate!

Sometimes, it's true. A moderate percentage of the population does have the natural, decorative touch that just can't be learned. It's innate! However, Staging Dallas will pass on a big tip that can put your decorating in the right place (literally).

Odd. Numbers.

Upon first hearing this revelation, it may seem too simple. Why would we dedicate an entire post to something so straightforward?

Decorating in odd numbers can look several different ways and make you feel a certain way whether you realize it or not. Below, you see one of our staging jobs in Dallas where three flower vases were placed in a line. Same height, same size.

It looks balanced. It's almost therapeutic.

Is three therapeutic?

Your entire life, you are taught that even numbers evoke some sort of stability and odd numbers create the opposite effect. As Staging Dallas knows too well, when setting up your home to sell, you can break a lot of the conventional rules to attract buyers.

The Rule of Three also be placed with different objects, textures and heights. In the room we staged below, you can see two different places that this tactic was used.

1. The decorative pillows are in a set of three

2. The dresser adorned with a book stack, a plant and a lamp

It's not just décor that you may have subconsciously noticed the Rule. Ever experienced the sofa and two chair set-up in a living room? That's three. The Rule works very well with furniture. In addition to furniture, lighting in kitchens is often in sets of three and artwork is commonly hung in sets of three or odd numbers.

We challenge you to find the Rule of Three not just in your home, but in waiting rooms, banks and even the airport. It's everywhere! Turns out that three is a magic number after all. Now that the secret is out, you can start using it in your soon-to-be sold home. Stage your home to be set up to sell. Hire Staging Dallas today!

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