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Get Ready for Spring Selling Season

Spring has arrived in North Texas, and with it the busy home selling season. How can you make your home stand out from the crowd? Start with a good editing of your belongings. Anything that you don't plan to move to your new home should be sold or donated now. This includes clothes, toys, books, dishes, decor and furniture. The more you can eliminate, the less you have to clean now and pack later.

Next, take a look around your house with the critical eye of a buyer. Do your baseboards look tired and worn, are the doors marked up, is the hardware tired and tarnished? Do your walls need to be freshened up? Paint is cash in a can. There is not another single thing you can do to your house that will return a higher yield on investment than painting. Paint any walls that are scarred, marked, scratched, or that are painted a dark or bright color. Choose a neutral color that compliments the hard surfaces in your home (counter tops, wood floors, cabinets, tile). You don't want a potential buyer to pass on your house because the tub and shower grout needs to be fixed and they need to be recaulked. Take care of it now.

Consider simple updates like replacing light fixtures in entry, kitchen and bathrooms, plumbing fixtures in master bath and kitchen.

Finally, give your home a good deep cleaning. if you have a smoker or pet in the house, have the carpets professionally cleaned to eliminate odors. If that doesn't do the trick, call in a professional odor elimination company to take care of it. Make sure the bathrooms and kitchens sparkle. Don't forget commonly overlooked areas like ceiling fans and air vents.

Once you have done all you can do to prepare your home for sale, call in the help of a professional home stager. Your home is your single biggest investment, and should be packaged and marketed like anything else that is for sale. The investment in home staging often results in homes getting higher offers, and selling faster than hoes that are not staged. When you are ready to get started, give Staging Dallas a call, or simply click here.


Amy Fedosky is a professional home stager, and mother to 3 sons and 1 daughter. She loves travel, watching her kids play sports, chocolate, and a good glass of wine. Amy has lived in Rowlett for 28 years, and has been staging in the Dallas area since 2011.

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